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Default Castor series, Ep 4: Origin.

Hey, back for another story in my Castor series, or will i call it the Vengence Chronology? i dont know, anyway i give you Origins.

Castor gripped his axe firmly. He scanned the area suspiciously, looking for something he didnt even know was there... he glared around, then continued on up the cold mountain.
it had been ten days since the massacre of his villiage and his new journey to avenge them. he looked up the path at where he was headed. it was a long and ardous climb, but he was born and raised in a hill and forest country, he could survive for weeks on end, and navigate the land perfectly. Castor wondered about where he was heading, was it the right way? what was he looking for? an old ruined villiage or town, maybe even city of sorts, but he didnt know if he'd ever find one, he just kept walking.
the next day, upon a small peak of a ledge, he looked down upon a valley with a river running through it, and some strange looking rock formations. he decided to scout it out first. There was a small ledge on the western border of the valley he could reach and it would give him a larger vantage point of the land below. Castor gazed upon what he couldnt see from the other side, it was a large town or even small city, completly hidden by the rock formation which is a huge entry way into the mountain with giant and ruined gates jutting out from it. So he ventured down there, not knowing what awaited him or if this was where he was supposed to go, but he need shelter and water from the river.
After drinking from the icy river, he moved towards a building, gazing in at it, there was nothin inside, just dust and ruined furniture. he moved on further to the giant gates, looking inside he could see nothing, just complete blackness... but he moved towards it, and when he reached the seal of the door, by some strange magic, the cavern was illuminated by the sun, like it peered through a crack in the mountain stright down onto a pedastal. Castor walked through the cavern, only his footsteps echoeing through the emptyness, at the pedastal, he saw a book. a book writin in his own tongue, though the words make no sense, and he read the 1st passage of the text that was opened onto. and the hall seemed to echo, eerily with like a thousand clones of himself repeating it. The sun then disappeared and he was alone in the dark.
...Laughter, eerie, laughter echoing all around then a flash, and Castor just saw a glint of steel before he dodged in the last second, and he struck back with his axe, but hit air. He found a torch and lit it, lit some more and carried his axe on his back and held his tomahawk in hand with the torch, a small circle light and the rest was black. he saw a shudder of movement, then heard another behind him. he stood still and turned face to face with what was either a ghost or a corpse, he couldnt tell, he lashed out and ghost Spectre weild a large scythe blocked it with what seemed to be an explosion, and the cavern was lit again. the torch went out, but his axe glowed faintly and he could see enough move with in hand. the large axe casting a faint red on the surroundings and as he walked through the empty chamber he searched around for the Spectre, he saw nothin, only shadows all around a strange light in certain places. he saw another arch way, about 100 meters from the pedastal and 150 meters from the main gate, which shut upon the lights out. he moved toward the archway, and walked through, inside was what would have been a great altar, but now a sacrificial chamber, and blood stains everywhere. There were red flames lighting the smaller cavern, a great circle with a stone table in the center, red with blood.
He saw the Spectre behind it, with his tattered black robes, and large silver scythe in hand. Castor arpoached it and said "you, filth, test your might!"
A second of silence followed by the echo of what didnt seem like speech but more like whishpers of thousand lost souls "No Castor, It is you that will be tested!" The Spectre launched over the table and smashed hammer side of his scythe on the ground Castor had been a moment ago, and quickly blocked his crushing blow like it was from a kitten. he moved like a shadow, fast, light accurate. Castor blocked a hammer from the Spectre but he turned the blade around and cut his chest straight across the top, shoulder to shoulder. Castor struck back, hacking a striking, he finally knock the Spectre back and destroyed his scythe. "what are you dog?!" he questioned it
"i am Sion, last desendant of a lost race. the Untoten destroyed us all but i survived and was enslaved to do their bidding, so long as they are alive, i am DEATH!" he tried what seemed like to surround Castor like a mist but he was reppeled and the Axe glowed red again. "i see you hold a weapon of the Old Ones. you arent of common blood, who are you wanderer?"
"I am Castor, son of the Mountain Hunters of old, this was a settlement of theirs?"
"As it was a century ago when i found it, only had been plundered by the Untoten a month before hand. i knew you would come. you must release me!"
Castor was confused, why would this thing want his help after nearly killing him?
" why? you tried to kill me!"
" in service of the Untoten, the scythe was a control method, but they will always have my mind so long as the one that did this is alive. you must find her, she conquers lands everywhere she goes, destorys them, then assimilates their knowledge and power into the Untoten, she created the Hati and its brother the Skoll. Skoll is different to the Hati, it hunts in the day and seems to have claws of fire and bite of poisen. You must be aware Castor, for she dwells in the deserts to east, in a lair, above and below the sands. Hati's brother, Skoll Lives their, but first you must kill a Grey Hati north of here if you are to have any chance of making it out of the mountains. In the Chamber behind me is a weapon, left here by the ones before. It is waiting for you."
Castor looked through the small door way and mounted on a frame was the sword he saw in the Crimson Cave, a single hand space, and short curved blade, it looked like it flowed as if water had shaped it, he recognised the shape of its blade and the axes, he noticed a carving on the hilt as well.
"That is a spell placed on it by the old ones, to keep you from the darkness when it is near, like your axe, it is of master craft. their names are lost, but they will always do their duties. Now you must go before it gets dark and the Hati track you. North their is a small fjord, and clearing near it, you will be safe from the Hati there, there something evil lurkes but wont be of harm to you unless you enter its lair..."
"What is it?" Castor queried.
"it is a beast of the ancient times, of great knowledge and strong spirit, it rewards those who can best its challendges"
"great...more tests" he sneered
"you must be tested for your trials to come young Castor, and what i know of your destiny is that you wll be faced with 3 decisions, one of mind, one of body and one of spirit. you must choose wisely for alot depends on it. now go!"
Castor walked out of the cavern and looked back to see the ghostly figure of Sion fade into the darkness, to forever brood, under the control of the Untotens black magics, he managed to free himself for the short time, he knew Castor would come, he knew he had to test him, for Sion has watched events for decades knowing that his time was near. and Castor stormed into a destiny his alone, and only he can take Revenge!

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Originally Posted by Ass Kicker View Post
I'll accept this when they start printing on the back of Bibles "Warning: This book has been linked to the murder and torture of millions along with a general lack of tolerance for others."

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