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Default Desiertum (Prologue)

Alright, so a bit of a foreword first: The prologue is going to be very confusing, but it's only setting up for what is to come. It'll all become clear. The afterword will explain why.

Prophecies can be wrong.

This was the first thought that crossed Henge’s mind the moment he saw the boy. The boy was sprawled amongst the trees, which swayed in the wind, keening a dirge to those surrounding them. The boy appeared about nine years old, to Henge’s reckoning. Countless bruises marred his frail body. He must have been beaten into bloody unconsciousness from the looks of it. Just where the boy had come from, however, eluded Henge, and those standing behind him.

After all, the Druids’ enclave was an isolated place. Their private domain was a quiet, serene sanctum tucked in a forest far away from the majority of human civilization. It had always been this way, for the Druids chose to remain apart from their brethren, the rest of humanity, being people of the earth as they were. To them, the rest of humanity had forgotten the old ways, and lost the old magic that once coursed through them all, as intended by the Creator, to help them shape the world. At least, this is what the Druids had always believed, cherishing their gifts, the ability to commune with and manipulate, within limits, to their wishes.

The prophecy Henge recalled in that instant was one of impending doom. It was bleak in its forecast, grim and to the point. No flowery language describing some higher concept beyond tangible imagining, but solid, undeniable fate. There was to be no great and terrible fire from the sky, or a flood to consume the wicked of the earth, as recounted by the old Book even the Druids knew of, only simple, straightforward matter of fact, the kind only the written word could conjure.

“Henge, you know what this means, think of the prophecy!” A man to his right hissed in his ear. “Reconsider, for all of our sakes!”
“I am well aware of the prophecy, Magnus,” Henge replied firmly. As if to emphasize his point, he planted his staff into the ground, a sure sign of a Chieftain’s final decision. As though to emphasize his point, he planted his staff into the ground. Although Magnus often saw himself as a voice of reason, Henge always saw him as an unscrupulous schemer, without morals or regard for anyone beside himself. Thus, his claim to speak for the assemblage, Henge found, was hollow at best and disingenuous at worst. “My decision stands. We shall take this boy in.”

“But we do not know of whence he came! Perhaps he has some family worrying after him, unaware of what has befallen him.”
“Oh, there appears to be a most definite certainty, Magnus, as to what the family is aware of having befallen him. The injuries he has suffered seem quite intentional to me. We shall shelter him from the world, and raise him as one of our own.”
“When he reaches manhood, what has befallen him will seem trivial compared to what is fated to happen to us. It is written. You cannot deny that.”

“You speak surely, Magnus. Yet, just because it has been written, does not make it true. Such a prophecy is merely a fragment of a vision, one which may only be a possibility. It is impossible to know the future for certain. Even if we believe that the Creator would reveal to us even a portion of his grand, unknowable design for what lies ahead, given the chance, we as mortals would seek to change it, to perhaps hasten that glimpse of what is to come. Often, such a course of action is folly. No, I will not reconsider. We should proceed with caution, true. Merely because the boy is in our midst does not mean we shall all perish. Nor is it said our doom shall come by his hand. Why are you afraid, Magnus? Have you no faith?”


So all week long I've had a new story idea bouncing around in my head, cooking in the imagination. I guess watching The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly and reading The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger by Stephen King really got the wheels going. I'm not exactly sure where the concept of the "life debt" enters the picture, but that was the other element that formed the basis of this story. What you see above is only the Prologue that I've just finished writing.

What's it about? Well, the boy Henge and Magnus are talking about grows up to become Elijah, that main character. I can't really go into much more detail without spoiling anything. The life debt is an important part of it though. Elijah swears a life debt to Henge, and that will be a driving force for the story. Stay tuned. Feedback would appreciated also.
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