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Old 11-16-2008
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Post SC2 Map Idea's & Discussion

StarCraft 2 Map Editor Thread

ğ I know that SC2 is probably a year or so from releasing and all that, but from what we've been hearing about the SC2 Map Editor, I bet some people already have idea's in their head for maps to be remade and even completely new ones already. With Gradius's permission I created this thread, so everyone can discuss the new map editor, map ideas and what not. Heck, I'll even throw in SC2 editor updates. I will try to update this as much as possible.

What it Can and Can't do

ğ The SC2 Editor Can...

  • Make a Fourth Race (And select it in the lobby)
  • You can add Regeneration or Shields to unit that cant normally have them, as well as other abilities similar to them
  • You can edit virtually any file in the Data Editor
  • Anything the Original Star Edit could do, SC2's editor can do
  • Things such as traps can be placed on any tileset
  • Upgrades can go past the normal maximum limit
  • Upgrades are downgradeable via triggers
  • Effects (such as Overload on the Phoenix) can be set up easily in the SC2 Editor without any trigger work for the most part
  • Camera will be fully controllable through triggers
  • You CAN customize the UI, but Blizzard won't provide any help with this
  • The 128x128 map size in the SC1 Editor is almost exactly 128x128 in the SC2 editor
  • Heroes will have abilities that normal units do not
  • You can have up to 10,000 doodads in one map
  • Any limits on both regions and triggers will be at least in the thousands
  • All triggers and AI scripts will make an appearance in the map editor unlike SC1
  • SC2 can have more units than WC3 can (no exact value)
  • ALL units in SC2 will be able to be used in the editor
  • Heroes can gain experience if you set it like that, it's off by default
  • You can toggle an inventory off or on in the editor, it's off by default
  • You can mix and match terrain textures/tilesets
  • The Map editor will include colored text, unit coloring, and neutral player units
  • 256x256 is the max map size
  • The SC2 map editor can lock maps
  • You can place square terrain
  • Units will be able to change weapons in-game using the ability system
  • Online maps can be linked, so you can create a online campaign
  • The tech tree will be 100% customizable
  • Researching OR firing a skill/ability can be customized to unlock tech such as a factory
  • AI Scripting will be supported and it will be VERY good
  • Weather effects can be used via triggers
  • Weather effects can be used to interrupt gameplay via triggers

ğ What the SC2 Editor Cant...

Transfer models from WC3

*I will update this soon

ğ Other Stuff

Blizzard will update the editor with the communities demands
You MAY be able to create your own tileset

ğ Note: Blizzard has released almost nothing about the SC2 editor, which is why this list is small. It will get bigger over time as more information is released.


StarCraft II Map Idea's

ğ Tech Wars by KnightWolf
Originally Posted by KnightWolf View Post
Here is a Custom map idea

I was thinking of some sort of tech war utilizing neutral buildings, those neutral buildings exist on the map and capturing one provides you with higher tech lv. as long as you keep any ground unit near it ..... you begin with low tech and fight for control of those neutral buildings to obtain higher tech and use it to defeat your enemies.

And of course losing control of one of those buildings deprives you from access to that tech until you retake it ( that tech could be an extra bonus to your ground units attacks or access to certain units or abilities )

The actual real fun will be how strategically placed those buildings are, like some of them are placed over cliffs with no ramps so you have to obtain cliff jumping tech first to get there before your enemies, and if that cliff-crossing tech building happens to be in the middle of the map it will be one fierce battle to take control of it to gain access to higher tech ... and so on.

ğ Awaiting use by ???

ğ Awaiting use by ???


Editor Questions

ğ Have a question about the SC2 Editor or what it can do? Just ask away and I'll try to add them in this post. Possibly an admin/mod could use them for Q&A batch questions?

ğ A Ton of Questions by GnaReffotsirk
Originally Posted by GnaReffotsirk View Post
In-game Cut-scenes and Pre-game cut-scenes Capabilities:

Does the editor support solutions to issues like dialogues without voice-overs? (e.g. Word balloons, floating text? )

Can we add custom models, and use them for pre-game cut-scenes?

Is there a "cinematic editor" with which we can stage and record scenes like the news reports?

Is it possible to switch from an on-going Mission to say, a scene in the hyperion and back without first triggering an "end mission"? Like a mid-mission scene using pre-game cut-scene stuff.

Is it possible to add custom pre-renders into a Campaign map-pack?

UI Editing

Is it possible to edit the game menu interface to support campaign themes, or non-starcraft related total conversions?

Story-mode stuff

Is it possible to change or modify the inventory system being utilized for tech or unit purchases in Story-mode? Say, a mod wants to keep track of purchased units, throughout the campaign, buy more through missions, and the player choosing how much of what unit (or technology) he/she wishes to deploy before launching a mission?

How many missions can a Planet contain?

Can we edit the Starmap so it will look like, say, a map of the planet Auir?

Can we make it so that from clicking a planet in the starmap, we are shown a map of the planet and choose missions there? At that point, the player will be selecting provinces, for example, or other icons such as a temple, a cavern entrance, a hive cluster, etc.?

Can we create pre-mission dialogue panels like that in SC1? Or are we limited to a single portrait talking-head, like the ones shown during BlizzCon 08?

AI Related

Is it possible to have a single computer AI slot controlled by multiple (pre-compiled or non-trigger based) AI scripts? Like, this region, P1 units and structures will be controlled by Script: Zerg Heavy Air, and the other will be Defense Ground.

In Warcraft 3, we were basically given control over AI macro (build orders, attack conditions, squad sizes, etc) but none of micro (except for item pickups, unit withdraw, etc). What does SC2 offer in this aspect of AI editing?

More on in-game dialouge:

We've seen from the WWI demo of a Protoss head talking to the Player with a panel fading in and out of view. Is it possible to have two of that, left and right, so we can create dialogue interactions like arguments, etc?

ğ Awaiting use by ???

ğ Awaiting use by ???


StarCraft 2 Editor Wishlist

ğ Do you have something you want the SC2 editor to be able to do? Just post your wishes and I will add them below. Just try not to ask for anything that is already confirmed to be a no. Possibly an admin/mod could use them for Q&A batch questions?

ğ Terrain Suggestions by DemolitionSquid
Tropical beach terrain with palm trees and a cloverfeild-esque critter!!!

ğ Terrain Suggestions by GnaReffotsirk
Swamp World, Prehistoric World, Dead Civilization World (Robotic, Bio, Gaseous)

ğ Awaiting use by ???


ğ If you see anything I need to fix or know anything I don't please pm me about it. And I'm looking for some graphics for each of the red, bold titles. Mainly a Header. Your work is appreciated. The pics shouldn't be very big and should blend well with the black background. You decide the right size, but make it reasonable, please...

ğ Do not flame or spam please.

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