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Old 07-10-2006
Norway Equiliari
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Default Alpho... I mean, Equiliari is drawing again

Phew, tough habbit to get out from, you know, typing AlphonseCapone instead of Equiliari. Well well.
I totally forgot which one was the latest piece I smashed out here, so Ill just start with the latest one that I feel I can share to the public.

Fo those who like technical blabber, read!... For those who don't, scroll!

Tachiodomo Planetary Defence System
Constructed: 2592
Size: 2,8 kilometers
Weight: ...A lot O_o
For many, the initial plans for the Tachiodomo given by the UTA in 2587 was pure madness. The sheer size and power of the cannon itself was far to large for anyone to see the economic reasons and general safety for the project. Already many smaller projects for defending earth from meteors and asteroids had been successully tested. But the vote for the construction of the cannon was won, 126 against 124.
The construction started shortly after the vote in late 2591. And was completed early in 2592. And aditional 3 was built at key positions around 'The Ring'.

The Tachiodomo uses massive ammounts of electric energy to alter the basics of the atoms in a hydrogen pool located inside the command section of the cannon, thus creating one super heavy hydrogen atom. The general weight of the atom varies, however it has as a minimum a complete set of 5000 electron walls, meaning it carries at a minimum over 39.994 electrons. The atom is then considered an ion. As the system heats up the atom is held in place by two powerful lasers, who also heat it up before the final blast is initiated. When that happens the lasers who hold the atom in place is supercharged, thus heating the atom so much, the electrons loose their place, and splitting them up, releasing the superstrings. At this moment there is pretty much no way back, the cannon is fired to whatever target in its way. A big pulse of hydrogen gas is sent through the lasers holding the atom in place, heating it up to plasma. And finally the jet located within the cannon itself sends an energy blast towards the now ruined hydrogen ion, and a ball of a seemingl nver ending explotion is released into space towards its destination.
When it is close enough, the cannon fires one last laser towards the ball, and what follows could only be described as a dance of colors. The outcome is one out of 3, all depending on the ammount of electrons present in the ion at the start.
1: The target is hit, changing orbit
2: The target is smashd into tiny little pieces
3: The target is evaporated into even smaller, sub atomic, pieces.

In theory the whole idea behind the cannon is a complete statement of power. Even if it is not designed to attack ships, it is fully capable of doing so. However its main targets are up to date only been meteors and asteroids dragged towards earth to test it out.

Other numbers and info
The cannon houses 4 smaller cannons purelly for self defence agians attack ships. This is if the smaller offensive PDS fail to hold an attacker away.
It also holds a space dock for smaller sized ships, mainly crew transportation.
Its crew number is 220. With one high ranked member of the UTA to be present with the launch codes should the cannon be fired.
The cannon is mounted on large tracks which enables it to turn around the whole model 360 degrees. Also the cannon itself is able to turn 360 degrees.
Each of the 4 cannons have been given half of earth's space to protect. Meaning 2 cannons are always able to fire at the same target. At times, 3 or all 4 are able to fire.

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