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Default Sports and More Game Night 9: Agurk(Cucumber)

Thursday Night Cards 9: Agurk(Cucumber)

Game Type: Card Game
Game: Agurk(Cucumber)
Site: Playok
Date/Time: Thursday, November 13th, 2008 @ 9:30 PM EST
Channel: Lelkowo
Rules: Here.

Last week's game was the game of Hearts which is considered by most people as the classic example of a trick avoidance card game. This categorization of games is a group of games where your objective is to simply avoid taking tricks that contain some sort of "penalty card", such as the case was of Hearts last week. There are two other games that are not as widely known(as a matter of fact the one we're playing this week, I just learned of recently) that continue this general theme. Surprisingly enough, these two games are going to get us to the Thanksgiving Holiday!

Most people will probably look at me as nuts for deciding to play a game named Cucumber. However, after reading about this game, I think it is a really, really unique game in the Trick Avoidance category. Just in case you are wondering, Agurk is simply the Danish word for Cucumber. Supposedly this game is also known in Danish circles as 21, since in this particular game a person who scores more than 21 points loses.

So how does this particular game work? Your objective is to avoid taking the last trick of every hand. Sounds simple doesn't it? Each person is dealt 7 cards and the cards are ranked from Ace being high down to 2 being low. In this particular game, the suits are not of any importance, just the rank. The person who plays the highest card in a particular trick, takes the trick. Sounds relatively simple still doesn't it? However, you cannot just arbitrarily play cards on a particular trick. After a player leads a card, each player has a choice:

1. Play a card whose rank is at least as high as the highest card so far played OR
2. Play the lowest card that you have in your hand.

Again, the highest card in any trick takes the cake. Most importantly though, if there are multiple cards of the highest rank, the player who played their card LAST gets the trick. I see this as being a very important point in this particular game.

In each hand, the only player that ends up losing points is the one that takes the last trick. They earn points based on the rank of the card(Ace = 14, King = 13, Queen = 12, Jack = 11, then so on and so forth). When a player reaches 21, they lose a life and apparently in playing circles this is when a cucumber is conveniently placed next to your name. (I await the jokes) However, the player then gets a second chance starting off with the next highest players score. You lose again though, that's ball game.

The last complexity? Let's say that in a particular hand the cards were, 4, 6, 4, 5, 6. The last 6 is the person that wins the trick and would be penalized 6 points. However, if you happen to play a card of the same rank as the one that wins the trick, you actually lose 6 points towards your score. (Object is to have the low score)

I recommend reading the rules article as it has a very interesting discussion of the strategy of this particular game. This game lends itself to some more of that part of Hearts that everyone but me loves, "the aka: screw your neighbor routine."

I'm looking forward to this one though. It's one I've never played and it's going to be a card game that doesn't take a ton of time. Should be fun!

As a heads up, Sports and More Game Night 10 will be the game of Barbu which is essentially a long series of avoidance games with a couple of unique ones thrown in at the end. This will also conclude our series of Trick Avoidance Games.

Last Week's Thursday Night Cards:

Last Week's Thursday Night Cards consisted of the one card game that I consider the most vile of all classics. Yes, Hearts. Sure, everyone loves the game of Hearts because it is simple to pick up and it allows you to have some fun screwing your neighbor every once in a while. However, it's also a game that in my view doesn't really offer a ton of strategy and skill. Then throw in the fact that you had a couple of people who didn't know how to stop "Shooting the Moon"(except when I tried it of course), and you have an evening that drives this particular card game fanatic, insane.

Despite this though, Erwin was your big winner last week. In his two games of Hearts, he won both. This included a very convenient Shooting of the Moon on the last hand to clinch his victory over Rendamr. Also on this night, Pizza and Kacier won a game each as well. As for myself, last, last, 3rd. It's appropriate though considering that it is a game that I despise with a pure passion.

Check out the last Sports and More Game Night thread for the exact scores. Congratulations to our winners.

How to sign up:
The reason I chose this particular site is due to the fact that it is extremely easy to register. It literally requires a username and a password and an e-mail if you happen to forget your password.

To register with playok.com just simply go to: http://www.playok.com/intl/en/register.phtml.

How to play:
On Thursday, to get into the channel, it's an easy process.

1. Go to: http://www.playok.com/intl/en/cucumber/ and log in with the account that you have made through playok.com
2. Choose the channel: Lelkowo

Look for the player named Kingkrumb and you'll be set to go.

It should be a lot of fun and I hope to see you join us this upcoming Thursday for some fun.

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