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Old 07-04-2008
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[OOC] Damn I'm lazy. [/OOC]

Vince sat there, watching the television produce the news broadcast about his "partner", so to speak. 'Most of this has to be bullshit,' he thought. Although the "Wilton Research Center" sure did sound familiar...

...sounds of medical equipment...fear...the stingy smell of sweat...soreness...pain...alarms...

He snapped back into today as the memories broke apart, jumbled up by the following weeks. Oh yes, Vince remembered...

He'd been in the Infantry...Marine Corps. 531 Division, Company A, Squad 3. Any hotspot the government wanted as cold as the void, they called on the 531st. And the boys did it. They were nothing but ice and steel...nobody among them was the exception. Above all moral and legal obligations, the 531st did what they were told. For months, and months, and months...but everyone had their day. And not the good kind of day, either: more like the kind that ends with you screaming as your intestines swell up and squeeze your stomach like a balloon about to bust, ready to release acids into your already-dying body.

As such, here they were: rumbling through the sandy badlands of another nameless lump of gas and rock, trampling an insurgent camp under their collective, ass-kicking boots. The 531 we're doing a good job, considering the insurgents were surprisingly well armed. The 531 came across many wielding static-charged carbine rifles; laser-aimed, CO2-propelled mini-grenade "hand-cannons"; and several .20-caliber pistols bolted into mounts allowing the shooter to fire around corners. But the trucking feet of the 531 kept on trucking, mucking up the sandy dirt with the blood of radical insurgents.

It didn't take the insurgents long to pull out the heavy stuff: explosives, acidic explosive, bioexplosives...the kind of things that don't just kill men, but put them in screaming, shallow graves filled with their own tainted blood. A grave Vince had almost fallen in...

...Vince cursed as he looked down, feeling the space on his neck. The black "pimple" had sprouted bigger spider-legs, one large one reaching up his neck. He felt it's alien pulse dance with his own...and he almost heard a voice calling - no, whispering - his name. He'd have to fix himself...soon.

His eyes listed back to the TV, boredom daring to sink in. 'We all have pasts...good, or bad, we all have 'em...'

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