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Old 08-26-2007
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Default The Fall of Rome

The Fall of Rome

The year is 476, a year in which the Western Roman Empire colapsed and the fate of medieval Europe was determined. Odoacer of the Goths is preparing to march on Rome with his mighty barbarian hordes and forever end the line of the Ceasers in the west. Once successful, he will install himself as King of Italy and ruler of all that remains of Roman lands.

But a last Roman legion has assembled itself in Napals, formed from citizens fearful of what will happen to them and their families when Odoacer takes over, and from Roman soldiers belonging to various city garrisons. Under the command of self-proclaimed Consul Verius Augusti, this rag-tag legion has marched northwards, towards Rome, in a last ditch effort to prevent the fall of the empire.

Alarmed by the sudden uprising, but uneffected, Odoacer has gathered the titanic strength of his armies in Millan to counter the unsuspected Roman threat from the south. Verius legion is 5,000 strong, and is the last grand legion of Rome ever to set foot on the field of battle. However, against him, Odoacer has an army that numbers into the tens of thousands. It is a battle Verius cannot win, but in the name of the Emporer, and a dying empire, he is willing to give his life, and the lives of his soldiers, to generate even the smallest chance of victory and preservation.

On September the 4th, 476, Verius' legion enters the gates of Rome, and is welcomed by a hysterical crowd of panicing Roman citizens. He sets up his legion headquaters in the city center, outside of the Emporer's palace, and then begins to plan his defence of the city. He is a skilled general, and knows all too well that Odoacer will not settle for a siege, but instead he will insist on storming and raping the city. Therefore, he has Rome's mighty walls manned and strengthed, and orders for the construction of catapults and balistas to counter any of the Goths' siege equipment.

During the errection of his defence effort, Verius is commended by the child Emporer for his efforts, and pronounced a true son of Rome. Those who are serving under him are all rewarded with titles, titles that mean nothing outside of the battle, but serve as a fine morale booster. Verius is soon joined by the Rome Imperial Guard, the elite of the Roman army, and all that remains of Imperial strength in Europe. It numbers 2,000 Praetorian Cohorts, and is an invaluable ally to Verius in the coming battle.

By nightfall, the Goths have enroached themselves upon the lowland, looking up at Rome and its seven mighty hills. Odoacer orders the attack, and the world descends into chaos.

Rome is being assailed from the north by a force numbering around 80,000. To stand against them is a mere 7,000 Romans. It is a battle that never happened, but it is happening now.

Players in this roleplay take command of Battle Groups, groups of soldiers, consisting of various regiments. They will play the game out as if a politics, or if they prefer, they may describe their troop movements and the happenings of the battle from a first/third person perspective. There are many differant kinds of Battle Groups one could have, ill give some examples below:

Battle Group Augusti

Leader: Verius Augusti

Troop Roster:

60x Spearmen
120x Legionarres
40x Horsemen
Subtotal: 220


Northern Walls


Battle Group Justi

Leader: Carso Justi

Troop Roster:

150x archers
2x catapults
50x Praetorian Cohorts

Subtotal: 202

Location: Behind the Northern Walls in reserve.


You may have a troop count maxium of 500.

Post your Battle Group before you start playing. If you join later on, let me give you clearence before you jump into the fray.

This is a bit of a crazy idea i know, but i was bored and meh, yeeeah.

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