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Old 06-16-2008
United Kingdom Undeath
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Default Twisted World, 1945

Hello, and welcome. I'm new to this particular RP forum, but I've roleplayed for a few years now between myself a group of friends. I like to think I'm an adequate writer, and have made a few cracking RP's in my time. My friend, Rokdar, told me this forum was in need of new members, so here I am. I have roleplayed on a forum before, but I'm more used to playing via IRC. Nevertheless, I'll give it a go. Normally I wouldn't rush in and make an RP, especially when I'm around a new community who does not know me, but seeing that the only active RP is Dark Voyage, which is a little outside of my style, I feel it would be right for me to launch one of my own. This RP has been an all time favourite in the past, let's see how it is recieved here in Blizzforums...

Twisted World, 1945

The year is 1945, Febuary, and the Nazi War Machine is in a total state of colapse. From the East, millions of Russian soldiers pour over Germany's borders and spearhead their way towards Berlin. In the West, the Allied armies of England, North America and Canada are smashing through what remains of the German army following its failed Ardennes Offensive. Hitler's bid for global domination is fast coming to an end... or is it?

In the vast underground bunker networks beneath Berlin, Hitler's scientists are working on a new kind of revolutionary weapon. None other than the assigned science teams are aware of the nature of the weapon, they have merely been told it is to be considered 'biological'. Hitler, despite his declining health, and apparant insanity, has promised the disillusiond German people a 'new form of victory', although many have dismissed this as evidence of his worsening madness. Even the German army is aware of its near defeat - none of Hitler's toys could turn the tide of the war now.

March passes by, followed by April. The Red Army descends upon Berlin, pushing aside a wearied, but determined German army. As bombs fall around Hitler's innersanctum, he gives the order to release a weapon that will change the world forever.

Times vary from various countries when these weapons hit. London was struck at precisely midnight on the 5th of April, Moscow, three in the morning on the same day. Paris was struck the following evening. Aside from the major cities of the Allied powers, vast areas of Western and Eastern Europe were also exposed to the weapon. Eye witness accounts of Z-Day are distorted and hard to read, but all end along the lines of a similar conclusion:

"There were bright lights in the sky. We heard the air-raid sirons, and quickly ran to the nearest shelters. Moments later there were large explosions, followed by loud hissing noises. Several hours passed, with nothing else happening. When we arose from our bunkers, there was a strange green mist flowing through the air. Some fell instantly to its odour - dead. Others, the more stronger people, managed to escape back into the bunkers. We had no idea what was happening, that was, until the following day.

We awoke to the sound of gunfire. Some of us dared to open the bunker doors once more. A sight of chaos beset us. The green mist had vanished, but in its wake was unspeakable horror. Soldiers in gas-masks ran backwards and forwards, chased this way and that by crowds of angry citizens. Although... they were not citizens. Our first contact with the 'infected', was when we attempted to intervene in a struggle between a soldier and three of the rioters. The rioters did not look right, their skin was slimey and bloated - they had blood pouring from their lips, and bullet wounds all over their body. They staggered and moaned. We dispatched them with a combination of pistol fire and bludgeoning tools such as tuncheons... but this was just the beginning."

The Nazis had released a doomsday weapon upon the world. All along the Western and Eastern fronts, corpses both freshly and long dead, were rising from their graves, from the impact craters. Those who were exposed to the mist died instantly, only to rise once more as infected. They walked by the thousands, surging towards the nearest dwelling that contained those who had not been exposed. It was chaos. The Western Powers found vast part of their militaries infected on the first day, which ended in a total breakdown of communcations. The Soviets were more fortunate, for although much of their frontline forces became staggering, walking corpses, they had many more men to replace their losses. Giant battles insued in the East between those infected with the virus, and what remained of Stalin's War Machine - but ultimately, the Soviets were forced to withdraw back to the borders of Russia, firebombing the land behind them as they fled.

The virus spread quickly. Soon millions were infected - entire countries distablised. Days later there were reports of the disease in Africa, Asia and the Pacific. The USA closed its borders, and raised the alert level to red. In the UK, the virus had already broken out of London, and the army was struggling to stop the spread. France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Italy had been overrun. The world descended into chaos.

All the while, Hitler sat in his bunker, chuckling to himself. Cackling. His dream had come true.


In this Role Play, you will play as either a civilian, or a soldier, belonging to the world powers made available by the GM (me). You will be able to choose certain scenarios in which to place your character, although, it should be noted that this is largely an open role play, in which players do not need to team up. The genre is a hard one to place, it could be classed as a zombie/horror RP, but alternativley, it could be classed as a survival RP, or a hybrid-war RP. The Scenarios available to players are listed below, each will have a labled location, a brief discription of the situation, and what countries characters must originate from to play them:

Scenario One

Location: Stalingad

Country of Origin: Russia/Ukrane/Poland

Situation: The armies of the infected have marched over the borders. Despite the best efforts of the Soviet military, the infection could not be contained, and now the dead have stormed into the heartland. Due to the large amount of equipment lost in the initial exposure, the Red Army lacks tanks, aircraft and heavy weapons, meaning much of the fighting had been conducted by basic infantry with the occaisional mechanised backup. The infected have now fought their way south, pushing the Red Army into Stalingrad, which still remains a ruin from the battle fought there in 1942-43. Stalin has ordered that the miracle of Stalingrad be repeated, and now millions of Russian, Polish and Ukranian soldiers have been moved in to defend the settlement. The infected have entered the suburbs, and a bloody battle is insuing.

Scenario Two

Location: Moscow

Country of Origin: Russia

Situation: The Nazis launched a missile containing the "mist" at Moscow. Millions of Russians fell victim to the mist in the first seconds - however, Stalin was not present at the time, and therefore escaped. The Russian army has dispatched 2 million soldiers, alongside a few hundred out-dated tanks and aircraft to quarantine the city. If the infection succedes in breaking out of Moscow, the Russians will find themselves fighting on two fronts, which could be disasterous. The scenario will start with the Red Army repelling waves of the infected, before making an attempt to retake and cleanse the city.

Scenario Three

Location: London

Country of Origin: England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, France, USA, Canada
Situation: The infected have broken the quarantine around London, and are spreading into the countryside. The RAF have mustered what they can in order to firebomb vast areas of surrounding countryside, but in the meantime the British Army, alongside other Allied troops who have become stranded in England, must stall the undead from reaching the outer areas. Bitter struggles have errupted, between patrols and infected mobs. It is a dangerous game of hide and seek.

Scenario Four

Location: Normandy, Cherbourg

Country of Origin: England, France, USA, Canada

Situation: What remains of the Allied army in Europe is hauled up in Normandy - the initial invasion point of Hitler's Fortress Europe. Millions of the infected are assaulting them with relentless dedication, but the Allied soldiers remain hopeful that a rescue effort may be made. A last ditch effort to stall the undead has been made in Cherbourg, where 4,000 English, French, American and Canadian soldiers have entrenched themselves with the aim of smashing the undead advance, and buying time for a rescue.

Scenario Five

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Country of Origin: Japan, USA, Australia
Situation: The infection has spread via the wind (it should be noted, Asia and India have also been exposed this way), over the Pacific Ocean and across Japan. Millions of infected are on the march, and the Japanese military is deteriating. However, a vast contingent of Japanese soldiers have fought their way through to Tokyo, with the prime goal of defending the population from an imminant major assault by the infected. It is a hopeless cause, for the Japanese are out numbered and ill-equipped, however, they have the advantage of an in-tact airforce at their disposal.

Additionally, due to the apparant world crisis, the Allies have dispatched what soldiers they can to the beaches of Japan in a bid to save the country from the same fate as Western Europe. American, Australian and Japanese soldiers now fight alongside each other against a now common enemy. The Allied forces have linked up with the Japanese in Tokyo, and have brought with them the advantage of aircraft carriers that have been untouched by the spread of the infection.

Character Sheet:

Scenario Choice:
Character Name:
Character Gender:
Character Class: Civlian/Soldier
Rank: (If applicable)

Please allow me to give the go ahead before anybody starts posting. If there are any questions, feel free to ask.


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Old 06-16-2008
United Kingdom Rokdar Ironvain
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Nice going matey, I remember you coming up with this one. I'm in.

Character Sheet:

Scenario Choice: Scenario One
Character Name: Alexei Petrov
Character Gender: Male
Character Class: Soldier
Rank: Private
Appearence: Alexei has borne the brunt of the viral outbreak, and it shows. He is rugged in appearence, wearing tattered, olive green clothing. His helmet, which was lost in an earlier skirmish with the infected, has been replaced by a black bandana made from a velvet dining cloth. He has a rifle slung over his shoulder, and is usually spotted smoking a cigarrette.

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Old 06-18-2008
United States Reservoir
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[Does best Keanu Reeves impression]Whoa.[/impression] I'm SO in.

Scenario Choice: Four
Character Name: Andrew Chaucer (British)
Character Gender: Male
Character Class: Soldier
Rank: Lance-Corporal
Weapon(s): STEN Mk.II Sub-machine gun, grenades, and captured M1911A1 Pistol.
Appearance: The continuous fighting against the masses of the undead have begun to wear everyone in this new war - one Andrew Chaucer notwithstanding. Lance-Corporal Chaucer has fuzzy, stiff black hair that's beginning to reach regulation limits, with three week-old stubble covering his jawline, chin, and surrounding his mouth. With dull hazel eyes, it's hard to tell what Chaucer's thinking, though he somehow manages to keep both a cynical mindset about his own survival, and yet provide mental and physical support to his compatriots. Overall, James Andrew Chaucer ends up just being a nice guy. As Chaucer would say, though, "Nice guys finish last..."

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Old 06-18-2008
United Kingdom Undeath
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Scenario Choice: Four
Character Name: David Hillborne (British)

Character Gender: Male
Character Class: Soldier
Rank: Captain
Appearence: Stands at 6ft, curly ginger hair, clean shaven, wears the typical British army uniform, with the addition of his rank's insignias on his shoulders. Wears a red berret. Carries a Webley Mk. IV .455 revolver as his weapon.


We'll wait a little while to see if anyone else joins, and if not, then we'll just go for it anyway and see what happens.

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