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Works-In-Progress Help for any authors or musicians seeking constructive criticism.

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Old 03-09-2006
Canada warhog
This is bad.
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Exclamation Works-In-Progress Rules and Regulations (Read Before You Post)

... Coming Soon...

*hopefully I can find some way to salvage the old one... if not I'll write something*

This is a stupid idea.

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Old 06-29-2006
Canada warhog
This is bad.
Join Date: Mar 2006
Posts: 1,317
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The old rules... they've been around forever, and they still hold. So you better bloody well follow them. Rules were written by myself and Saffron.



I think it's about time I refresh everyone on the rules here at WIP.

1) As with all forums: DO NOT SPAM. Please, keep WIP spam-free.

2) Criticism is welcome, but PLEASE be specific about what you don't like. Constructive criticism helps us all improve our work.
Simply put: Don't go around saying "This sucks shit" without a good reason, and a bit of advice on how to improve it.

3) Works-In-Progress is here so that you can share your work and get opinions on it... not to chat. Leave that outside... preferably in the Chit Chat forum.

4) Do not steal anyone's work.


-Warhog, WIP Moderator.

WIP Guidelines

Hello and a very warm welcome to Works-In-Progress. While we realise that most of you already realise what’s done and what’s not done here, this is here to clarify some doubts and to stop us from repeating ourselves over and over again. Please read through this at least once. Hopefully this guide will help make this a better posting experience for all of the people who contribute to WIP, authors and readers alike.

First of all, while authors welcome both postivie and negative feedback, it is recommended that readers not be rude or use insulting terms whilst commenting on something. In general, please remember that a human being exists behind that user name, and they have feelings as well. Authors are also advised not to get all worked up over a few rude remarks or names that some people may post. Take it in your stride and try to see the merit of their criticism (if any). Otherwise, utilise the ‘report post’ button located in the postbit and moderators will handle it for you. Most importantly, do not flame back. Flamers will be given a warning immediately. We don’t care who started it, everyone who instigates or takes part in flame fests will be dealt with equally. That usually means a warning, in case you were wondering.

Posters are also advised to make posts containing at least 10 words. This means no more saying “Interesting”, or “That’s cool”, or “Very nice” and leaving the post at that. If it is really that interesting/cool/nice, find something else to comment on. It just takes a little more time and creativity to say something like “Wow, that’s an interesting read. I especially liked the word usage and the vocabulary you applied in your story.” Elaborate on the areas that you think need improvement, and/or areas that make your jaw drop, so the author knows what he or she is doing right.

Everyone likes a bit of mindless chatting once in a while, but please try to keep those to a minimum in WIP threads. Conversations tend to flow on their own after a while, but when it fills an entire page of a thread, it’s getting out of hand. Kindly restrict page-long banters to CC.

The reason we’re doing this is not to turn this into a quasi-SD forum, but to encourage more useful feedback from readers so that the authors can further improve their work. There’s really no point in saying “This sucks” and leaving it at that because no one gains anything. If you’re thinking of doing this in the future, please reconsider. If you make rude/mindless posts one too many times, you will receive reminders to desist. If you keep it up, we will give you an official warning. Make it easy on both of us and exercise moderation and common sense.

This entire paragraph deals with authors of literature, so if you’re not one of them you can skip this part and move on to the next. Please check your work for spelling errors and grammar mistakes, as it is very sad to see an otherwise perfect story ruined by sloppy proof-reading. A few mistakes are fine, typos are indicriminate, but there’re errors in every paragrapgh, something has to be done. If you can’t proof read your work yourself, try asking for help. If it’s a bad day and no one is willing to help, at least let Microsoft’s Spellcheck do the work for you. While we’re at this, it is recommended that authors hit the ‘enter’ button when starting a new paragraph so that the text doesn’t stick together like a block of bricks when you post it. By not properly formatting your literature you run the risk of people ignoring your work because blocks of text are very hard on the eyes. It’s very difficult to get people to care about your work if it appears that even you don’t care.

Posters are also asked not to post in threads asking the author when a new chapter will be posted. This is utterly useless, as the author will post his/her work when it is done, even without prodding from other posters. Members are also reminded not to make multiple posts. That means two (or more) straight posts by the same person. There is an edit button in the post bit, and it is not there for purely aesthetic reasons. The same goes for the PM button. Do not post asking questions that only you would be interested in. Use the PM system.

Thread revival is heavily frowned upon. If you missed a thread and wish to comment on the work three months later, please at least make an effort to say something useful that actually gives merit to the revival. That means very constructive criticism. People who revive threads by posting ‘bump’, ‘this deserves to be revived’, ‘very cool’ or anything else along those lines will have their posts removed, and they will immediately be given a warning.

If you have any questions or suggestions on how to improve WIP as a whole, or if there are any moderator actions that you disagree with, PM any of the WIP mods listed, and there’s a very reasonable chance that the problem will be solved. Like everyone else, we value feedback.

Finally, this is not a set of rules that everyone must follow. It is merely a set of guidelines that we think would make WIP a better place. We don’t like to edit or delete posts, and we don’t like to close threads. We dislike giving out warnings even more, so exercise moderation, common sense and a little bit of those grey cells, and the skies will be prettier tomorrow.

Thank you for your cooperation.

The moderators of WIP.

This is a stupid idea.

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