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Default Of the Unbound: concerning Divoda

There are beings known as the unbound. They travel through dimensions or universes by their own capacity.

Some universes have gifted races of unbound beings, with this power given to them by their own existence. Other universes have a random few who have found their own ways to transcend boundaries. Either way-- it is not a common thing.

It is even less of an occurrence of the unbound who remain from the older universes, where things are darker and colder. If there were unbound from those places most of them were old enough to grow tired of existing and were compelled to return to the life force which they came from.

But among these kind of unbound there was one-- The ages that passed beyond him did not slow him down. He continued to relish existence in a gluttony that could not be extinguished, and from the days of his existence he did not care to remember how far they went back.

He was marching gleefully in conquest over many worlds, with entire armies of loyal lesser bound beings at his command who worshiped him as a god. He could have been stopped if he had ever confronted a being as strong as himself but he was a selfish lonely creature who had risen from the darkness and had no intent to die for anything when he could use his gifts of perception to avoid it. But for all of his strength to survive he could not avoid what would suddenly come upon him all together and at once.

He should have felt it coming but he had been away for so long that it felt like only an itch in the back of his mind. The realm he came from collapsed upon itself and the life force that was his tether to existence-- imploded.

In that instance he seemingly disappeared to the dismay of his followers. In the darkness he grasped for what he could of his former existence but the only thing he could feel was the emptiness of the void-- then all of his desires, his goals in their scope disappeared and there was only the gluttony that remained, connected to the void like a hose to a funnel.

When he returned-- at first he was like a shadow moving in the darkness. It had been ages since he had left and the memory of his existence had dropped into legend, but in the darkness he hunted them slowly as his original strength had been replaced by a new form of power that was still growing. He became a horror which filled their nightmares--each death brought a new kind of strength to him. He continued to kill in secret until he was strong enough again to step forward. Their respect for him as a god though faltering with a new element of fear was rekindled and he led conquest again. But this time his goals were not the same.

With all of the destruction he brought the power that welled within him grew immediately. It wasn't long before he became so strong that he turned on those who were loyal to him and destroyed everything. His power grew so vast in that small realm that the universe itself faltered and crumbled and in the pinnacle of that moment his strength became many times what it had ever been and he thought himself divine and called himself Divoda.

He moved on to other realms, his new lust for destruction fueled an accelerating strength.

But he was now being watched.

A race of powerful unbound beings called the Opriana were observing him since his rise to power. They called him the undefined one.

They moved against him in secret as they knew each of them that he killed would bring him to a new level of strength. So they intended to ambush him in a universe he could not escape-- their own.

The Opiana had a universe that they could manipulate in many ways and with this ability they baited him to pursue them in their own realm.

When he came they closed him in and all as one converged upon him to cease his existence. But their attack did not kill him outright, it only made him shrink in size. Their efforts like stabbing into smoke only dissipating it by their motions. In the moment he realized his situation he became afraid which was an emotion he had not felt in a long time-- an amount of strength came from the darkness that had not been accounted for, it was multiplied, most likely the last of a remnant of his original strength extinguished away into darkness-- and so it was enough to kill some of them and when he did it was like a small explosion and he had become as strong as them. They all retreated and regrouped in an attempted to converge upon him a again, their course of action now was to collectively attack and retreat until he waned away and when Divoda realized that they were winning again he looked for a way out and realized with this distraction there was a hole that had been made by their diverted effort.

They pursued him across the dimensions though being a creature of his own devices he had a faster way to move through them though it cost him a great deal of strength-- they tried to follow until it was no longer possible for them to move with a collective force. A few of the more vigilant continued on searching and hoping to find a way to stop him outside of their own realm.

Although Divoda was able to escape-- his strength had now been weakened again and so he pursued to find smaller realms to destroy quickly while running from the Opriana who still pursued him.

[Oct 22, 2008]

After a time Divoda came across a part of the omniverse where the dimensions were relatively new. There were not many unbound beings here as the worlds within these realms were young.

Then Divoda came across a universe he thought to be the most amazing universe he had ever found. It was a massive realm of many worlds that seemed to be a nearly endless buffet of potential destruction as with those who existed-- there were few who even had the capacity to travel into the beyond. This realm was known as the Trimentia.

And so Divoda began immediately to destroy everything he could see. The tendrils of his power extended out into the depths between worlds. He realized that even in his current state he could not stretch far enough to destroy everything and in that moment he felt a satisfaction, a feeling he had not felt in the ages since his metamorphosis-- and he could almost feel his former existence returning.

In that moment when even his lust for destruction had been temporarily sated he decided to pursue a status of divination among the inhabitants as he had done before long ago.

However, this realm was different from the others. The inhabitants here could not be moved by fear and they refused to worship Divoda and instead moved collectively to opposed him. Divoda became infuriated and moved to cause even greater destruction.

In his time within the Trimentia Divoda's power approached even the strength of the strongest of the Opriana but there was a secrete that existed within the Trimentia that Divoda would be the first to discover.

The Trimentia was a relatively new Dimension and within it existed new properties and mechanisms of preservation. Once Divoda had collected enough power within the Trimentia it collapsed upon him all at once but not all together. A portion of the Trimentia fell upon him and his consciousness was locked in a dimensional fragment with his spirit and power leaking out into the Trimentia. In that moment Divoda became truly unable to leave the Trimentia, like a fly caught in a fly trap.
[Oct 29, 2008]

[man, WIP is really dead, or my story really sucks.]

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