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Old 09-23-2008
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Default Of Serpents and Saints

Space around the Helena bulged as she pushed her ovoid shape, tip first, into the metaphysical boundaries of space-time. Using her hyper-sensitive energy emission arrays, she focused the energies of the hyperspace around her, causing the fabrics of the two differing space-times to mesh and converge into a shimmering doorway from which she slipped through, returning to the universe in which she knew.

The Doorway collapsed, separating the space-times into their respective places. Helena, however, didn't even bother paying attention. Her body, a dull, nearly black teardrop in space, scanned the area with a variety of light frequencies, gathering star locations, local radiation readings, and senses about the masses nearby. She confirmed her position by first comparing the astronomical charts she had integrated into her mind, and then running a simulation program predicting the movements of stars and planets within the known galaxy, ranging from the time she had entered hyperspace eight days ago until now. Satisfied that the readings she had gathered, she activated her anti-mass graviton sub-light drive, shooting off towards a nearby planet at a reasonable speed of 700,000 m/s.

Internally, Helena reached out with her empathic membranes, remotely activating the nanites which inhabited the crew's bodies. Hyperspace radiations had unusual effects on conscious individuals; many experienced suicidal or maniacal tendencies when even minutely exposed, but most just simply died of rapid brain failure. Since such reactions were unacceptable, all human crews were injected with nanites that, among other things, sent them into a deep REM sleep for the duration of the trip. This often meant the ship had to emerge several hundred kilometers outside of the real destination so the crew had enough time to emerge from the induced sleep undamaged, and prepare for the mission-specific tasks.

Not that the Helena couldn't run herself efficiently. But even a single human brain added new insights, information, awareness, and raw processing power to every single action she performed. Having a crew of fifteen, each of those facets of herself was therefore expanded fifteen-fold when they were actively connected to her. In combat situations, when the difference of actions between milliseconds counted, such multiplicity mattered. Being an Acolyte in the Confederation Solar Navy, she had to be ready for any action, peaceful or otherwise.

She was not surprised when Captain Shiva Kent roused first, bringing her nanite brain-systems online. Her mind and Helena's met, engaged, and intertwined, two becoming one. She quickly went over everything Helena had done in the few seconds since she had emerged from Hyperspace, and then mentally gave a nod of approval. As the other crew members awakened in the following milliseconds, they linked directly to her, going through her regulated paths to their assigned duties and observations. She was the vessel in which all the other crew members reached Helena and her systems, and they did not enjoy the scope and control over all the key systems that Shiva had.

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