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Trent fired at many a pirate during the assault, having to reload twice during the whole ordeal. These pirates weren't as armored, and Trent felt fire alight in himself as he blasted them dead, often thrice, with the HM-17 he proudly aimed. Eventually, the pirate bastards were all but alive, though some were still kicking thanks to muscle spasms. Octavian squad surveyed the carnage - they were victorious!

Trent looked around the generator room, his nostrils pierced by the burned stench of several bodies as the excitement cleared his mind. He walked over to one of the formerly Knight-disguised Pirates, as the Knight called "Plato" went over Octavian's battle-plan, and shoved a relatively-charged Repeater into his roomy pocket. He didn't know if he'd need it, but he wanted it nonetheless, also taking a fresh HM-17 from one of Hector's dead Man-At-Arms. 'Well, he certainly isn't going to use it any longer, he justified in his mind, justifying the frag he took from the burned corpse, as well as the extra two mags for the HM.

As he walked back over to Octavian, he watched the female sniper, carrying her Sniper rifle, a frisked Repeater, and one of the pirate's PDA's with her, exit the Generator Room. Picking up another PDA, he quickly read where this Pirate group was going next, assuming that was where she was going. Reading further, however, he soon realized why she was going solo.

'I don't blame her,' he mused, knowing full well the anger in her mind. But alone? Perhaps if she had been born a Knight, but even with her Sniper Rifle she'd be no match against a Pirate assault on Bay 7 - even less so if any Pirates had gone ahead and claimed the area.

He quietly made his was over to the Knight, who he think was addressed as "Plato", and patiently waited until the Knight took notice of his presence. The Knight asked him what he needed. "Knight...sir...our sniper just left, by herself, to Bay 7," he said, handing over the PDA to the Knight, "most likely to either thwart the takeover there herself; or, which is much more likely, to assert revenge on the pirates for their treatment of women."

Trent sighed. "While I was not born a woman, my mother certainly was. Through her, I know what they do to women they capture. I'm well aware that she, no matter who she is, may not be able to handle the task if a large force is sent. And since my CO is most certainly dead, I cannot ask for permission from anyone other than you." He paused, shifting his weight to his right foot. "I ask to accompany her in her endeavor. Besides," he noted, "we may come of use later. Having two operating outside the main force may allow us to cause havoc with them Pirates, Knight." He paused, going semantic for a moment. "My mother always said..."You don't know what you can do, until you get to the place where you can do it."

Trent stood back at attention, head firmly gazing up. Although Captain Westmill was dead, the Knight was the next-ranking member of Octavian, the other two Knights aside. His orders would be final. "You're permission, Knight of Cascadia, is yours to grant."

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