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Plato bludgeoned the last of the imposter-Knights to death with his shield, leaving his oponent in a big bloody heap upon the smooth stained floor. The battle was over, but another was beginning. The doors of the forcefield generator were slowly beginning to roll themselves open - more pirates were on the way. Had Plato been as blessed in intellegence as Captain Westmill, he may have spared a few seconds to work out how so many pirates were able to sneak onboard - but he was a warrior, a thick-skulled warrior, who knew only how to kill.

"Get back in formation, Knights, front line!" Roared Plato, taking command of the situation.

He brushed past the men-at-arms, sending them forcibly to either side of him until he was at the back of the group - facing the doors. The other Knights followed. They crouched on one knee, and held their shields so that their entire bodys were covered, and that the squad once again had an impenetrable wall from which they could hide behind. Meanwhile, the gaps between the doors widened to the breadth of a man. Battle was imminant.

Turning back to the squad, Plato eyed out the female sniper who had earned herself his respect from so many well-aimed shots. "Alright, find yourself a vantage point." He said, before glancing around the room. It was empty, a hollow space, save for the generator - where could she find a vantage point? He scanned either side of the door. "I got it." He grunted. "Get yourself prone at an angle to the door way, so that you can shoot through the space between our shields, and the door itself. You should be able to cut down any of the bastards that make it past our initial fire, and also, you may be able to pop the heads of some of those further back, who are not standing directly ahead."

"Pirates, kill these Cascadian dogs. Take any women, destroy the generator!" Thundered a distorted radio voice from two large speakers situated on the ceiling of the generator room.

"Great." Plato smirked. "They've got control of the bridge."

With that, thick streams of lasers flew through the doors, and a dozen pirates - clad in jet-black uniforms, and wearing spiked shoulder pads - waded in the generator room with guns blazing. They were using outdated versions of the HM-17, which proved a little more bulkier and less reliable.

Plato peered from the side of his shield, though it was being hit by multiple projectles, and took aim with his Repeater. These were ordinary pirates, they were no real armour, they would be downed quickly. He held the trigger of his Repeater, felt a brief vibration in his arm from the recoil, and smiled with satisfaction as one of the pirate attackers flew four feet backwards with a hole through his chest.


Captain Mason was surrounded. The bridge was taken. Yet he was not. All around lay the smouldering corpses of black-clad pirates, and dotted here and there, the defiled bodies of the defenders. He held his Repeater at the foremost pirate. A circle of the bastards had closed in on him, so that he was standing in the midst of multiple gun barrels, but he refused to surrender.

"Put the gun down you old bastard." Challenged one of the pirates. "The boss wants you alive."

The Captain made no reaction. He merely peered over to his left, where a pirate was activating the bridge controls. Speaking into an overhead microphone, he uttered the words: "Pirates, kill these Cascadian dogs. Take any women, destroy the generator."

They hadn't taken the generator yet? What was the hold up? Mused the Captain. His last muddled reports had confirmed the pirates had taken total control of the key areas of the ship, and had succeded in bottle-necking a vast majority of Julta's onboard military forces by sealing airlocks and setting up strong defensive zones around key access points.

"Put the gun down old man. I wont ask your grey bony ass again." Roared the pirate. He was an ugly man, yellow teeth that had been filed to fangs, he had scars across his forehead, and bright red hair flowing from his nose down to his lip. Barbarian, disgusting filth.

"You may take my ship, but you will not take me." Affirmed the Captain, smiling slyly.

This angered the pirate. "You fucking drop that gun, or i'm going to blast your fucking face off."

The Captain hesitated, he peered over to the pirate standing by the microphone, and then came with a plan. The pirates wanted him alive for some reason, to kill him would probably bring great punishment to those who now held guns in his face. It was worth a try.

Without warning, the Captain spun, he shot through two pirates blocking his way to the pirate by the microphone, and then surged through the gap. Those around him did not fire, they merely chased after him - whilst the pirate at the desk took a few steps back and did nothing.

"This is Captain Mason." Cried the Captain down the microphone. "The pirates have secured the Warp Drive and the Bridge, as well as many other key areas. I urge any remaining security teams OUTSIDE of the barracks areas, to make their way to the bridge and-" The Captain's plea was cut short as the hard cold metal of an HM-17 shoulder-stock smashed into the back of his head.

Yet, the Captain was successful in his goal. As Octavian fought off the assault on the generator, his words boomed over the loudspeakers above their heads.

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