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Default Re: Serious Discussion Guidelines v4.2

Introductory for Serious Discussion v4.2

I know what you're all thinking. He must be daft right? Another version of SD rules and guidelines? Who reads those anyway? Well ideally if you wish to participate in SD then you'd better have read the previous couple of posts!

A general reminder and repeat of what's mentioned above that failure to adhere to the rules we've set forward for Serious Discussion will result in your removal from this section. Also realize that if your actions are extreme enough you may end up taking a break from the community at large.

So what is Serious Discussion? Well that's pretty easy to answer (read the posts above this one)... However the short answer is that it's a place to discuss topics of interest in a serious manner. We assume that everyone who participates in Serious Discussion has the mental maturity to post. Basically that just means we don't care how old you are, you're equally welcome to post here so long as you keep things civil.

Because of the recent degradation of Serious Discussion I'm going to deviate slightly from my professional facade and lay down some ground rules. We all know that Serious Discussion needs help. There has been no one moderating this section to any serious or consistent degree for ages. As such we're enacting a couple of temporary consequences to the following actions:

No flaming, period. This is a zero-tolerance rule because of the disorder that currently pervades Serious Discussion. "Flaming" includes everything from insults, innuendos, hints, insinuations or personal attacks of any kind. Regardless of "who started it" or why you think it's ok, it's not. Ad hominem attacks, debating styles, whatever, stops now. It won't be tolerated any longer. If you start typing anything about another person that is not directly related to the topic or their argument, then just down post it.

For the record if you post like that anyway, disregarding my warnings, then your post will be removed. I don't care if it's dissertation-length and quality. On top of that you'll be given one warning. After that point the punishments will get more severe up to being removed from SD indefinitely.
Note: If you ignore these guidelines and post inappropriately no exceptions will be made, the offending post will simply be deleted. Depending on the severity you may also be restricted from SD for three days. Please be away that there won't be a multitude of "warnings" given. Everyone gets one, maybe two if I'm in a good mood. Otherwise things will be strict until the level of maturity and intelligence in SD is brought back to where it should be.

For extremely severe posts and asshatery I will remove you from SD for a week or two. For the record, these punishments are separate from the infractions system -- that is I may give you a 1pt infraction for breaking a specific rule in a forum, but that doesn't mean I have to do that nine more times to restrict you or ban you from the section.
So as to not seem completely evil and crazy drunk with power I just wanted to mention a couple things about post quality. I've noticed here and there people posting one-liners or images, or just links. Please note that that is not appropriate for this section. One-liners are only tolerated if they are extremely poignant, otherwise please don't spam the section with these type of posts. Please also be aware that if you're going to post here you might run your post through a spell checker before submitting it; while we aren't grammar nazis around here, if you can't take the time to proofread your post then we should we take the time to read it? Occasional typos are fine, but constant abbreviations, all lower case, abstaining from using punctuation is just not cool.

Just thought I'd add a personal touch to the thread since things are changing and I wanted people to know I'm serious about my dedication 'round here. Folks, look, you're not children but frankly some of you are beginning to act as such. All I ask is that you keep things civil -- that right there is one of my biggest wishes for Serious Discussion -- so we can hold some discussions worthy of the SD of old.

Again, to reiterate things: The trolling stops now. I won't tolerate it. From this point on if I even think your trolling, then it stops. If you're going to cry foul over this type of moderation, try to keep in mind that SD has had zero moderation for almost 4 months now. There'll be no appeals, no exceptions, and no justifications.

If you have questions, comments, or complaints please don't hesitate to contact me. Please note that public discussion of moderation will not be tolerated. Take it to PMs and we can discuss it. Otherwise as a staff member, I have the final say, period.

I'll also be looking for candidates for moderators of the "new" Serious Discussion. If you're interested in the position please contact me and let me know why you're insane enough to devote time to this place.

-Nick "Neo", you're friendly moogle staffer.

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