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Default [Suggestion] Synergized Stats

I think we can all agree that the D2 system was unbalanced and had to be changed in some why for the sake of progress. Now, the auto-stat function has since been implemented by the devs as at least a token gesture of remediating this. However, there is some disagreement in the community as to whether the benefits of this method outweigh the drawbacks, or if it even does a sufficient job of fixing the old system's problems at all.

Not one to stand idle during a crisis, I've hashed together an alternative. I don't claim it to be flashy or even that it would even necessarily work, when push comes to shove, but having an alternative is better than having none at all. [/b]Please note that all numbers and stipulations stated beyond this point are merely there for the sake of the argument, and are in no way representative of balanced figures. Thank you.[/b]


The inherent problem of the D2 stat system is the tendency for one stat to be pumped to the nth degree to the neglect of the others, since each stat has absolute dominion over its own respective bracket of attributes. Thus, if you want to buff your character in regards to one attribute, you have no choice but to pump the associated stat, to the detriment of the unrelated secondary stats, which are mutually exclusive.

The logical course of action, naturally, would be to develop a system that encourages stat stratification, rather than uneven distribution. To do this, I borrowed from the skill-synergies concept, and imagined a system where all the stats are interdependent, and the actual attributes are not determined by a "governing stat" per-se, but rather each of the stats relation to the others.

Let me explain:

For every point he has invested into Strength, Dexterity, and Energy, a player get the related attributes, to a level of magnitude per point invested depending on his current level of Vitality. Linked stats would work both ways, so Vit-Str has the same effect as Str-Vit, Vit-Dex has the same effect as Dex-Vit, and so on.

So, lets presume that our sample player has 50 Vitality and 25 Strength. If at level 50 Vit a player gets 10 HP for every point into Str, then they would have 250 additional hit-points in addition to their starting attributes. Likewise, a player with 25 Vit and 50 Str would have much the same in the way of HP. The points both ways would stack, encouraging splitting stats (since the penalties would be much lower).

Since there are two methods of obtaining what is considered a "primary" attribute, the secondary attributes ultimately determine what method is chosen. This increases their importance, and helps to diversify stat builds.

Mind you, pumping a single stat would still be a viable strategy; it would merely be more common to invest in two stats rather than one, and "well rounded" character would not suffer from the fall-off in the endgame nearly as greatly. Putting "too many" points in the "wrong" stat--one of the primary arguments for the inclusion of auto-stats--would be much more difficult to do as well.

Your thoughts?

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