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Default Re: Alpho... I mean, Equiliari is drawing again

One of the outcroppings on that building is missing it's top left corner, I've highlighted what I mean in the attachment.

(Edit: there used to be the attachemnt picture here, but for whatever reason it won't display properly no matter what I do with the HTML codes. Just use the "note" attachment at the bottom of the post)

But that's a 5-second fix. The other thing of note is that the furthest right of those outcroppings has a light side facing us. It's not terrible, but that should be slightly shaded if (as it looks to be) it's sitting hidden be the other outcropping and the bulge at the corner.

Finally, those four pillars surrounding the peak, the tops of them look a little odd. If you'll look at the second attachement you'll see the three methods of doing it. There's the one on the left, which you did, the one in the middle, which is the same except with the outline dropped 1 pixel, and the one on the right, which I would suggest. That one drops only the 2x1 line (the line that goes 2 right for every 1 up) but it drops it two pixels.

Yeah, I do a fair chunk of sprite work so I kinda notice this crap. I don't think most people would. It's really a very good building, I'm just nitpicking.
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