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Beta Team
Avarice S&TC Entrance
Status: Alert
No Sign of Target


Seconds had passed since the terrible screams of Alpha Team had sounded over the joint radio network. Beta Team had put themselves on the alert instantly, and now all guns were trained on the glass panels that formed the front of the main building of the Avarice Science and Technology Center. The two Armoured Personnel Carriers, each with twin MG76 Gattling Guns, were given the green light to open fire at their own discression.

Bishop, the assigned leader of Beta Team, was growing increasingly tense. Countless battles had passed across his eyes. He had seen ten of thousands of comrades perish in the most unsettling of ways, he had seen nations fall and he had seen them rise. He was a seasoned veteran beyond any dispute. 46 years old, with sprouts of grey in his dark hair, Bishop was eleven years over the maximum limit that Avarice soldiers were allowed to be before they were removed from frontline service, yet there he stood, the most competent and deadly soldier known to the colony, ready to exchange hatred with another enemy.

However, none of this comforted the decorated warrior. This wasn't a usual case of a terrorist occupation, or an escaped convict, which was what he found himself doing more and more those days - infact, he wasn't sure what he was dealing with. Alpha Team were elite soldiers in their own, and to hear them scream for mercy amidst their own panicked gunfire had shocked Bishop to the core. Just what was he dealing with? He would ask himself this question many times that evening.

'Sir, I request permission to scout the Center's central Lobby.' Asked one of his squad members. A young and eager addition to Avarice's Emergency Forces.

'Denied. It's too dangerous.' Replied Bishop sternly. 'You know your post.'

The soldier sighed and walked off, disapointed that he could not prove his bravery.

Then, Bishop's personal radio link with AEF (Avarice Emergency Force) flashed up inside his visor. The technology in his combat helmet read his neurological request to activate the link, and static hissed into his ears.

'This is Bishop, I'm picking up distortion.' He said, pressing his mouth piece closer to his lips.

A muffled voice responed. 'Someone or something is interfering with the radio frequancy.'

'Do you think its the target?'

'Possibly. Reinforcemnts are enroute, ETA 30 minutes.'

'30 minutes?' Snapped Bishop. 'You heard what happened to Alpha, if that thing comes out here, we might not be able to contain it.'

'I understand. What are your advisements, Bishop?'

'First of all, I need to know what the heck this thing is.'

'I told you, that's classified.'

'Damnit colonel, do we have a chance?'

'What are your advisements?'

Bishop sighed. The colonel knew exactly what his team was dealing with, but the immoral workings of the AEF's chain of command was comparable to a cloak and dagger complex. The grunts were merely pointed in one direction and told to do their best. Twenty years ago, that sort of behaviour would have Top Brass engulfed in a flame of public outrage.

'Air strike. If we fail to contain the target before reinforcements arrive, the center and the surrounding area needs to be obliterated. Its the only way.'


'You were going to do that anyway, though, weren't you colonel?'


Bishop terminated the transmission, and cursed to himself. His team members cast glimpses back at him as they eagerly scanned the Center for signs of movement. They knew something was wrong, Bishop never acted like that unless he had something to be pissed off about.

Walking over to the nearest APC, that was parked parralel across the top end of the Center's elaborate courtyard, Bishop looked up at the gunner.

'If you see something move, blitz the fuck out of it. Use the side-winders as well if we have to, I want the front of that building lowered to the ground. Understood?' He said coldly.

The gunner nodded.

Meanwhile, the rest of Beta Team were getting more tense. Some moved closer to the front, taking cover behind trees and thick hedges to get a closer look. They were eager to avenge the fall of Alpha Team, but they also knew Bishop would never permit a frontal assault. They would need to sit there, and await whatever it was to attempt to make its escape.


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