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Default Re: Tales of Avarice (Open RpG)

((After far, far, too long, apparently I'm back. Although I'm not entirely sure myself if I'm back, so I thought I'd try to clear up my own head, and maybe see if we can't get this going again. I took the time to read through everything, and everything in the beginning was great and a lot of fun. But I guess at a certain point something just happened. So this is probably just some crazy, last-ditch effort on my part, but what the hell.))

I woke. It wasn't some slow awakening from sleep, nor some gradual ascent from the world of dreams. Rather, I was suddenly aware of my surroundings, as if someone had dropped the metaphorical bucket of water on my head. And apparently I was on the floor. My thoughts, naturally, turned to the great question: why? I stood, noticing immediately that something was not right. I felt... normal. I wasn't caught up in the usual conflict of emotions as I always was. No guilt, no regret, no pain. I felt free. And that bothered me. I shouldn't feel free. I don't deserve to be free, I don't want to be free. I remembered all the things I had done, all the mistakes I had made, and I remembered that night, eleven years ago. After that night, I don't even know if I deserve to exist, let alone feel free. After deciding that, it all came rushing back to me. But I'm used to it, I've lived this way for eleven long years. But I noticed something new: the need for action. I had to do something, but I couldn't remember what. What had happened last, before I found myself alone on the floor in some crappy apartment in Avarice. Wait... Avarice. Vinc, Amelia, the Hunter, all of them. What had happpened? What had I missed? And for that matter, how much time had passed? A minute? A day? A month? I had no idea, and I had no way of knowing either, because I had no idea of the date when all that happened. Paying attention to dates had started seeming unimportant to me a long while ago, but now... Oh. Apparently I had something more important to take care of right now. Like that fact that my hands were covered in blood. Blood that wasn't mine. Hm... This was a problem. Had I hurt someone? Had I killed someone? All these questions in my head, and to none of them did I have an answer. The blood.... it must have happened after the whole thing with Amelia and Vinc, but before now. When ever now was, that is.

A quick search of the apartment found me the kitchen, and I proptly washed the blood from my hands. So, I thought, answers... I knew a place where I could get answers, but it was on the other side of town. I laughed bitterly, Avarice was a place that could hardly be described as a town. Of course, lacking transportation, I would have to walk. The alternative was stealing a car or taking public transit. Stealing a car would be too conspicuous, and public transit was never a good idea. Straightening my jacket, I stepped out of the apartment, noting the lightness of my shoulder holster. Apparently, I had lost my gun somewhere. I'd need to fix that, and soon. Out in the open street, I could see the ships landing over at the shipyards. I wondered vaugely about the ships, then shrugged; I was heading that way anyways. I set off down the street, keeping a wary eye on the other pedestrians. You could never be too careful in this city.


"Hey Jo."
"You reckon that guy looks familiar?"
Jo checked through the database on the cruiser's dash. "Yep. Listed here as Jack Downs. Wanted for multiple homicides, armed robbery, theft, arson, and failure to appear in court."
The other cop whistled. "Follow him, and without the sirens. We don't want this guy to know we're on to him."

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