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Ben 02-17-2009 09:16 PM

Am I the only person on earth who is not a Yankees fan and does not give a shit that A-Rod took steroids?

I do not fault any individual player for using steroids. In an era in which MLB was deliberately turning a blind eye to the use of steroids in order to increase ratings, any individual player who chose not to take them was limiting his own value to his team to enforce a rule that MLB refused to enforce itself. Now those players are being called to account? This is the fault of the league, not of the players. At the time A-Rod took them, it wasn't even against the rules of baseball.

Yes, he broke the law of the land, and that is an issue in itself that should be dealt with separately, But I think MLB penalizing players for taking steroids is an absolute joke and shows what gross hypocrites they are.

WindowlessHouse 02-17-2009 09:45 PM

Re: A-Roid
The MLB did not initiate the hearings by themselves. It's the public (baseball/sports fans) that want to see cheaters/perjurers ostracized because they've broken social mores that proscribe steroid use in professional sports. This goes beyond what the MLB has or hasn't codified. So the MLB either does what the public wants, or have they risk having their system be perceived as a fraudulent and fall to the level of wrestling. They can't "do nothing" even at the expense of being hypocrites.

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