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Who Do I Contact For...?
There is often some confusion on who to contact regarding issues with BlizzForums. Here's a quick rundown:

Advertising Offers/Questions: Owner

Moderator Complaint: Policy Administrator / Senior Administrator

Technical Problems (page display wrong, can't upload sig, etc): Post in Help Desk

Question about a rule: Policy Administrator

Want to join the staff: BF's staff regularly selects new members from our userbase. If you want to make sure you are considered for a position, feel free to contact the Senior Administrator. However, most of our selection is based on previous behavior/posting.

Report a rule break: There is a report post feature for each post. This creates a thread in a private staff forum for our review. If it is a non-post issue (PM, harassment, etc) you may contact any Administrator or Senior Moderator. They will bring the problem to the staff's attention.

Appeal Infraction: Policy Administrator / Senior Administrator.

Just unsure who to contact, feel free to contact Redcloak. He can answer your question or direct you to the correct person.

Reporting An Inappropriate Post
To report an inappropriate post, regardless of the matter, please use BlizzForum's built-in reporting tool. The icon can be found at the bottom left of each post and looks like this: Simply click the icon to launch a pop-up window that will ask you for the reason you are reporting the post. Keep it as short and succint as possible. Also keep in mind that this will link the offending post in the thread, but only the post you select. If this is a thread long issue, you will want to mention that. This action creates a thread in a private Staff Forum so that we may review the post at our earliest convienence. It is the quickest and most efficient way to have the post reviewed by multiple staff members.

What's the difference between Chit Chat, General Discussion, and Serious Discussion?
One of the most confusing things to new users of BlizzForums is our three-tier discussion setup. Because of the wide variety of posters here at Blizzforums, and their wide variety of interests we have split the common "General Discussion" into three boards.

Chit Chat is for everyday topics, like what you did over the weekend, how many girls you want to date in a year, and whatever you're thinking about at the moment.

General Discussion is for more persistent things. Is there an upcoming show you want to discuss? Do you wonder if other people had the same problems you did learning to date? These are topics that would be found in "GD".

Serious Discussion is the highest tier of our discussion boards and is reserved for not only serious but informed, factual debate. The debate should never turn personal, and topics that are hot-button issues include politics, religion, and political correctness.

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