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BlizzForums Staff Listing
Owner - Enforcerman
Senior Administrator - Redcloak
Policy Administrators - elcapjtk, LordofAscension*
Technical Administrator - AJ
Administrators - Cronoss, rise*
Senior Moderator - Gorbet, Siegetank, Traken
Moderators - Full Listing of Mods and Forums they are responsible for.
* designates a SCL Admin.

Questions about what the titles mean or who you should contact regarding an issue? Click the appropriate words to see those FAQs.

Staff Title Definitions
Although these descriptions may not be wholly representative of the duties of our staff, we hope they will help define the expected tasks of our great volunteers.

Owner - this person is the owner of the BlizzForums.com domain. He is responsible for all advertising, hosting, and some technical matters.

Senior Administrator - head of BlizzForums. This person is the final authority in all matters relating to the forums. Reports directly to the owner.

Policy Administrator - this administrator is not only responsbile for usual forum maintenance but also the drafting of BF's guiding directions. They help form the rules that keep BF the exciting, yet hospitable place it has been for years. Has the authority to issue permanent bans in all situations.

Technical Administrator - this person assists in maintaing the forum structure. Responsible for administrating the vBulletin backend.

Administrator - this title designates a member of the staff who has full access to moderate any forums as well as standard Administrator rights. They have the authority to apply/remove bans in most situations.

Senior Moderator - this moderator has the ability to moderate any/all of our forums. They are the first line of contact if you have any issues with an individual moderator, or the moderator of the board in question is not available. They have the authority to issue a ban in some cases.

Moderator - this person has access to one or more forums in which they can edit & delete posts. These hard workers are the front-lines of BF in helping maintain our forums. They can issue bans to advertisers and in extreme situations regular members.

Forum Elder - this designation (which is also a usergroup) is given to a former staff member (or in rare cases, a long-time member of the forums) who has since retired and ususally in recognition of their work. Forum Elders maintain access to the main Staff Forum.

Forum Legend - a new group that has been created to recognize the best of the best of our forums. We will be holding regular "elections" (currently, we're looking at monthly) to select these people. They will have all the same benefits of Forum Elders, and possibly some other bonuses. Nominees will be selected by the FL committee (to be named).

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